Platillos is all about little plates and big flavours. We eat with abandon, so feel free to lick your plate, eat with your fingers and play with your food. Swap your favourites, feast with your friends, feed the family and if it tastes good, pass it on. Call it mezze, aperitivo, tapas if you must – the name’s not important. Just long for it, savour it and go back for seconds. Love it. Share what you love.

The team here would love to show our appreciate for the all the guys from Salford Roofing who put down there knives and forks to help us out when our roof sprang a leak over the toilets.  The guys, who normally work on Manchester roofing were down here on a commercial roofing job  and as luck would have it were in the restaurant at the time.  Even though they have been busy stripping an old roof for 8 hours solid they dropped everything and fixed the roof.  Naturally the meal was free and tomorrow night’s will be too!  What a team!